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June 22th, 14:56 | Relax, don't think about the way I treat you...

I've been meaning to write for a couple days now. Unfortunately, now that I actually sit down to do it, I've completely forgotten all those deep-deep thoughts I had intended on sharing. So instead you get to hear me whining about how my knee is killing me and how much it sucks to have a whole day to bop around the house to fun dancey music while unpacking (that was the goal) but to not be able to bop or dance, because you can barely hobble, and thusly have no motivation whatsoever to unpack.

I'm all about the productivity, it seems.

I'm actually really disappointed in the resurgence of my "try to move it and I'll kill you" knee pains. (It was like that Sunday too.) I'm highly annoyed because yesterday morning I went swimming, and I was looking forward to going again today, you know, to solidify it as a habit, or at least the start of one. I was encouraged by the idea that it is actually possible for me to keep up with some form of physical activity on a relatively regular basis.

Stupid knee. *kick*

Ahem, anyway. So I was reading a large segment of Valley of the Dolls yesterday, and while the beginning was fun and happy and entertaining (my dad informs me that he's forgotten who some of the characters are supposed to be, but he's fairly certain that Neely equates to Judy Garland), I'm more towards the middle now, and it's depressing the fuck out of me. If it weren't that I kind of want to see how things will turn out (earth to lilephyte: read their goddamn biographies), I'd probably stop reading. I'm a little ashamed of how addicted I am to the book, considering that it's kind of tawdry, but honestly? It's really well written. I'm enjoying it immensely.

Completely unrelated. I've just recently discovered Ambulance LTD and they're yummy as all hell. I have them classed under the "ridiculously emo" section (haven't quite figured out what colour "emo" is -- ideas?) but they're awesome. For some reason I can't quite figure out, I really, really like the song "Primitive". It's just in my head a lot lately. Almost as often as BT's "Simply Being Loved" which is ridiculously good. (Although the video sucks.)

Alright. More when the Boring As Flannel has left my system, okay?

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