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June 15th, 10:20 | Splish-splash, I *hauled my ass out of bed*!!!

Quick postie -- I want to gloat. (Hey, if there's anywhere to drop pretense (if not pretensions), it's here.)

So what did I do that's so gloat-worthy? I went swimming this morning! (Yup, that's right. After a little over a year here, I've finally decided that the facilities in the building might actually be used -- by me -- for fitness furtherment. Shocking!) Not only that, but I was actually in the pool by nine! AM! This act of out-of-bed-ass-haulage impresses me greatly. And even though I know there are people who do it essentially every day, I'm ridiculously proud of myself. (Shut up. Baby steps, alright?)

Anyway, I'm hoping to make this a semi-regular event. (Namely every day that I'm not working morning shifts at the flower store.) I'm not sure what I want to work in on days when I am working. Probably forced yoga, although it'd be nice if I could work up to doing some every day. Again though, baby steps.

Anyway, enough about my getting off my ass goals. While I find it kind of neat to read some peoples' fitness blogs, they're generally doing impressive things like running marathons and bench-pressing their own weight. So... uh... yeah.

Excerpt from conversation with MathieEx last night:

MathieEx: So I planted stuff today...
lilephyte: Really? Is it legal?
(Note: I know I'm a bad person. I couldn't help it. That was seriously the first thing that came to mind.)
MathieEx: *somewhat bitter laughter* *sigh* Yes, actually. I planted some cucumbers and tomatoes.
lilephyte: *extremely embarassed* Oh... heh... so you're getting into gardening?

Seriously. I went to a private school. You'd think it would have imbued me with at least some modicum of basic social graces, eh? Apparently not.

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