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May 10th, 19:59 | Alright, about that whole "lesbian in a man's body" thing...

I feel the need to clarify on this front. I have had, over the course of the past couple years, three separate guy friends of mine describe either themselves or other people as being "a lesbian trapped in a man's body." Which is fine. The contention comes into play when we consider that this phrase appeared in print (first, as far as I can tell) in Coupland's Generation X, way back in 1991, i.e. long before these folks were yammering away at me.

I'm not trying to imply that they're shamelessly ripping off Doug, especially since, as far as I know, none of them have read any of his books. (Although in the case of RecentEx, there is a somewhat tenuous connection through a friend of his, whom I know is a big fan. Hmm.)

What I actually wanted to say though, is that even if the phrase itself wasn't directly passed on through hearing other people, reading it elsewhere, etc., that the idea has certainly transmitted itself. And while it's possible that the three people I have in mind independantly just came up with the thought, it seems so much more likely that random people who have read Generation X, and other books of its ilk, if not passing on the phrases, might have passed on something of the style, of the attitude which was then picked up colouring a fairly general idea, so that there's really only one way of saying it.

I think it'd be interesting to tag thoughts, and phrases and other little "isms" that make particular societies, and trends and times in societies noticeable, you know, like with radioactive dye in the lab. So you could see them dissipating from the source, growing more pervasive and touching everything. So you could follow the path. For example, where exactly did saying "what-EV-er" come from? Was it really from Clueless? The slew of lingo spawned by hip-hop would be another study.

Really, I just think it'd be fun to see how language evolves. Some days I'm for it, and some I'm totally against, but every day I think it's kind of cool, this language that breathes and grows. It'd be fun to see how we're all of us, every person who speaks the language, hard at work shaping it, like a million ants at work on a giant, building-sized lump of play-doh.


I feel the need to document the fact that my parents are cool because they will, while eating post-dinner snackety food, sit on the couch and discuss the fakeness of the boobs on Fear Factor. (Specifically the chick in the cargo pants, tonight.)

In non-boob-related news, here's the track list for a mixed cd I made last week. Not that you guys care, but, you know, it was the first mixed cd of the summer, damnit. Also, the first one ever to issue forth from Pookie. So there.

    Air Traffic Control -- Jets to Brazil
    Crash (hip-hop version; live) -- Dave Matthews Band
    Sweet -- Lamb
    Judy Garland -- Craig Cardiff
    Venus as a Boy -- Bjork
    Cyber-Slum -- Yuki Kajiura
    The Good Times Are Killing Me -- Modest Mouse
    My Sharona (cover) -- Veruca Salt
    Session -- Linkin Park
    Popular -- Nada Surf
    The First -- Tegan and Sara
    Simplicity is Beautiful -- Juliana Hatfield
    Sustain/Identify (Affectation) [Track 15 Stigmata Soundtrack] -- Billy Corgan
    Lady Venom -- Swollen Members
    Siren -- Tori Amos
    Hard to Find -- American Analog Set
    We Used to be Friends -- Dandy Warhols
    At the Zoo -- Simon and Garfunkel
    Standing on the Edge of Summer -- Thursday

Eclectic? Yeah. Crack-headed? Maybe a little. Nonetheless, there it is. Think you can do better? Tell me about it... stud. Okay. Since I apparently just made a Grease reference, it is clearly bedtime for me. Or at least, No More Writing In Public Media time. Peace out, y'all.

("Peace Out"? Who says that shit?? Seriously. Who am I?)

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