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February 11th, 10:58 | Run With the Kittens

So I just tanked that midterm. Seriously. But it's okay. Why? Because I found Run With The Kittens last night -- I only regret that I hadn't found it while Snowflake was still their drummer. (Snowflake? What is it with that? You never stay long; your artistic sense bothering you? Or...?) I was actually kicking around online looking for word of MusicianEx to see how he's doing, and one of his sites linked to them. I took one look at the main site (and, btw, Snowflake has to be one of the few webdesigners considerate enough to include a link on the splash to avoid pop-up windows; I heart him muchly for the small details like that) and knew he'd done it. I envy his style and keeping-on-top-of-All Things Web-ness.

He doesn't read this though (I don't think?) so I'll stop with the stuff mostly written for him now. I'd highly recommend that any of y'all check out their mp3s, though. I really like Planet Music, myself. I'll have to email them sometime and see if I can buy a cd or two off them. I'm stoked ^_^

There's probably more but I don't feel like writing. Mostly like sleeping and hiding from my dumbass-dom. *sigh* Looks like it's going to be an Adema day... ;p

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