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February 5th, 16:46 | snow day!

Snow day, snow day. I wanted to write last week sometime. I really haven't been up to it. I'm falling into the familiar "complete lack of motivation to fill out application forms" hole. Which is stupid. I mean, I already pissed off the Japanese Embassy by not responding during the specified week to book my interview (note to self: will I really be able to work within a structure that's that anal??) and I just... am really not feeling up to talking to profs about letters, etc.

Bright sides, bright sides. The first part of our compiler assignment is going awesome. I don't even have a problem with doing most of the work -- my teammates both have research projects for their theses. I don't, so I have no particular issue with "adopting" our compilers project for that. It's fun, and I love it. The bad side? Currently there's tension between the two guys: Ozy's stressed (and generally intolerant of stupidity and meaningless delays) and the other one is emotionally stressed. He seems to have been for about a week now. :( Sadly he's not a good friend, so it's not like I can even try to make things better.

CodeChickie is recovering fairly well from her recent splash back into singlehood. I am ever astounded by the resiliance of people. That, at least, makes me very happy. She seems to have got a grip, and has decided that now's the time to focus on herself and her dreams, and make them happen. Awesomeness.

Every song I'm listening to is making my heart ache. I will admit freely that it's likely due in large part to my choice of music. I just don't understand why it suddenly broke over me though. (Ha, like I ever understand the "why" of my mood tides.) Today was a good day. I met up with RecentEx and we talked about the game I want to set up -- it's pretty much decided that he'll DM which is a relief even though, to my surprise, a whole bunch of people came out of the woodwork in response to my request. Its' a relief because he knows most of us, I know he's done it before, and he's a pretty good DM. So we'll see.

I'm a little angry at myself for being so blah. I assume it's emotional spongery or something. Or just being tired of the one running around trying to patch everything up. It isn't even that; it's mostly running around worrying, then being happy when things are patched up. The Froshling Of Great Stress didn't help either. I'm angry with myself for thinking mean thoughts about that episode. It is my job here to be there for my floor. And normally I love it. It's just that... she really never seems to have anything positive to say. About anything involving the university anyway. And as many things as I hate about this place, it has been my home for four years, and it's held sway over me for five. She's been here six months; it's ridiculous that I'm letting her malformed attacks affect me so.

Not sure what I'm trying to say. I am happy in general. Angry at myself for lethargy. Feel like I need to get my ass in gear but... really can't seem to do it. Very, very stupid.

Highlight of my week: snowfight a couple nights ago when the perfect, perfect snow fell. It was so perfect you just had to move your hands together in the snow and it packed perfectly. It was all-out, drenching, sore ribs from the tackles, sore shoulders from the throwing, sore back from the thrown fun.

And now I'm off to get my Mandarin-speaking ass handed to me on a plate at the language lab. Pleasant evening all.

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