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January 28th, 12:08 | All in one breath

Alright, jeebus. I've been trying to write for what feels like the past week. (I've no idea how long it's actually been.) Although I don't want to cop-out and do this listie-style and claim I'll elaborate later, and then never do it (because, hey, what is lilephyte? she's really frickin' lazy, is what) I'm going to have to, or I'll never get this out. And that last one was just too negative to stay.

Not that I'm just updating to get an entry off the index; that would just be weird. I'm saying it's no longer indicative of my life at present. (That would probably be a giant "aaaahhhhh!!!!" or something.)

So. Chronologically... kind of. Things are way better with RecentEx. Spat with RecentEx Saturday afternoon, that I tried to make better later on Sunday. I just woke up Sunday and was tired of being angry (a week spent angry is an exhausting week, my friends) so I called. We had dinner, watched Amadeus and mended. Things aren't perfect. We still hurt each other terribly, without even meaning to. But we're back on the same side again. Which is nicer than I can express :)

Friday night I was on-call, didn't sleep till 3:30 (although I got to watch tons of movies with my froshlings) and got up at 6:30 to write the PCATs. (They insist I be there 1.5hours early because I'm not preregistered. Fuckers.) So, no breakfast, insufficient sleep, cold, locked building, room mix-ups (yeah, go Psych. Corp., you organizational idiots) and... I think I did pretty badly. The first half flew (I 0wnz verbal sections of all sorts) but the second half I kept running out of time (on a standardized test? for me?? unheard of). Calculus and chemistry (chemistry for fuck's sake -- that's my major!) that was essentially math dressed up with chem symbols and I kept getting unsure. Bah. I was glad when it was all over.

Got home to the fight with RecentEx, felt like crap, cleaned, visit from parents. Exhausted all day, ridiculous line-up at Lonestar (although I will admit, I like their fajitas), sleep, sweet, sweet, sleep.

Woke up Sunday afternoon, food, skating, dinner. It was quiet and good. All was right with the world.

Yesterday, everything else in the world went to Hell. A couple in CS who've been dating for three years (i.e. since the girl got here) broke up -- and they live together. CodeChickie got dumped by her boy, one of the guys on my team is having girlfriend issues with his gal in Korea. General friend-tension lessening, but still there, and I have more work than I know what to do with. I feel I've been neglecting my floor horrible, haven't spoken with the Boy in something ridiculous like 5 days, and I need to talk to Chan.

However, it's beautiful snowy out, I'm wearing a slutty schoolgirl skirt, and my grad photos are today. I'll write more when my hair's been prettified and I can find another 20 minutes. Keep warm, y'all.

(Not bad for point-form, neh?)

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