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January 23rd, 17:16 | this week, open-letter-style

Dear RecentEx,

When you decide not to be full of shit, call me. You have my number. You've had it since sometime last year. You've been saying you'll use it (and not doing so, except in response to multiple messages (and yes, despite your claims to the contrary, I do hold the opinion that one isn't enough to spur you to action)) since we got back. I'm still waiting.

As to today, if you're going to ruin my week, that's one thing. When I destroy my new year because I don't want to put you in the position where you're choosing between your girlfriend (who, by the way, I'd still really like to meet... you know, any day now) and myself, and you say to call you the next day, anytime, since you'll be home all afternoon so we can do it then, it really upsets me when, you know, you're extremely not there. I might have a little more faith in everything else you say if you actually meant... I don't know, anything you say, on occasion.

I don't care that we dated and that I "should" know you better: if you can't hold to a simple statement about when you'll finally have time to finish the argument that you fucking left in the middle of, on TUESDAY, I see no reason to believe anything else you say, up to and including the "facts" that I'm important to you, and that you care.

So yeah, the no longer being full of shit thing? I'll wait on that. Because I'm really, really tired of feeling let down by the one person in this town I never thought I'd feel that way about.

Lilephyte (yeah, this time it's capitalized)

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