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January 20th, 12:09 | Not perfect, but everything's just fine

What the hell kind of blogger doesn't write about her one-year anniversary and related pseudo-shindig with her Boy? The lilephyte kind, that's who. Or alternately a lazy blogger, who rarely updates. *cough* Or maybe the secretive type whose terse entries contain barely a trace of her personal life. (We all know my mouth's too big for that one, though.)

At any rate, this weekend was our one-year, and the Boy came to visit. It was awesome. We hung out a bit, saw Gypsy, had Cambodian and VietThai food (mmm!) and bought skates for me (my birthday present!) and went skating. It was awesome. Pretty quiet, calm, no big fuss. Lots of cuddling. It was perfect.

I don't really have much else to say about it; there wasn't a big production or anything. I'm just happy. That about sums the present up, really. Snowy, quiet, sparkly, happy.

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