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January 8th, 01:39 | He encored with fucking *Moon River*... wow!

Who just got back from a Bullfrog concert and is in dire need of orange juice to resuscitate her voice? Yeah, that's right folks, lilephyte did.

...not that I'm gloating or anything. 'Cause you all know I'd never do that. *shifty eyes* I love Kid Koala. ^_^ The best is that he always just looks so mellow and happy when he's doing his thing. I love it.

Right, so I'd update, but I'm trying to get up at 7 tomorrow (_morning_) so... yeah. Things are weird. I'm pretty scared of bad marks and overworking myself, but I can't help but get excited by my last term. In terms of coursework and what I'm actually learning, this year (as a whole) has been more interesting than my first three combined. I'm definitely finding the CS stuff more appealing than the biochem (if only because of its more practical nature) so that's kind of a bad thing, but I'm just so looking forward to the courses I've got this term (I'm writing my own compiler, yo!) it's just crazy. Earlier this afternoon I was feeling kind of lost and unmotivated, to even do stuff for my floor (!!!) but now I feel like I'm back in it, I've refound my verve and energy, and I'm good to go.

So... I'm'a hop in bed now, okay? Big hugs to you all.

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