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January 1st, 21:37 | ooo-wee-oooh

So apparently Tylenol-3's have no analgesic effects on my uterus' attempts to kill me. Although the drowsiness still kicks in, along with some mild nausea. Fun. (Side-note: fuck you codeine!)

[End girly cramp discussion.]

In case you all are wondering (that's a 'no', but I'm'a rant as I please 'cause this is my diary, yo) updating more often was not one of my resolutions. Or rather not my one (count 'em! one!) resolution. I'm getting better. Anyway, so yes, this is merely a fluke, not a trend-start.

Alright, with my disclaimer safely out of the way I can go on with my intended rambling about my day. (Incidentally, why is that when you do a search for "ginger cookie recipes" half the results give you "Swedish ginger cookies"? What the hell is it about Sweden and ginger? Ginger doesn't even grow there! At least, I'm fairly certain it doesn't. But then, it doesn't in the UK either, and we all know how Brit gingersnaps are. Hmm. (Sub-note: I originally typed "gingerschnapps". Does anyone know if that even exists? I think it'd be yummy, if a little abrasive to drink. Ahem, anyway.))

Alright, so I'll admit that while spending the night looking up extra pharmacy schools I can apply to (along with registering myself for the March sitting of the PCATs -- if they refuse to let me write on a non-Saturday on the grounds that my "rabbi/pastor/other religious leader" didn't write me a note, they're going to get a very vicious letter from a very pissed off solitarily practicing wiccan who can't due to the phase of the moon (which I can't figure out due to lack of adequate calendars in the house). That or I'll write it from the point of the view of the Satanist Church. Hopefully things won't get that far though.) I've been listening to the Buddy Holly soundtrack (there was a show about his life) and I can not, for the life of me, figure out why Weezer was always going on about him and Mary Tyler Moore. (And by "always" I mean "in one song". Clearly.) Seriously, there was no association between the two of them, ever was there? (Two thoughts: holy ass that was the world's longest sentence, and yes that is the kind of thought that can plague me over the course of an evening while I'm bopping along to the origins of rock.)

So yeah, uh, how's everyone's new year been so far? Coming up on the horizon: Laundry, And Lots Of It. More gripping tales tomorrow, or whenever the Hell I get around to it. (Actually, there might be some -- chan and I get to play grown-up since her parents have invited mine (and me) over for dinner!)

In the meantime, I'll stop peppering every other freaking sentence with parenthesized thoughts (no idea what's up with that tonight... damnit!) and just, umm, leave.

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