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August 5th, 09:59 | *vague mrmph noises here*

Well, having been thusly chastened that not all guys like Hendrix after all, I'm pondering ammendments to my theory... but probably won't end up changing it. I say it's a statistical fluke.

So, what does the shiny new month bring with it? If we extend my Lammas project deadline so that the end date was the end of the weekend, I actually did quite a bit. We got the apartment kinda decorated, put up a lot of the pictures we had lying around and such. I tried sticking my postcards on the closet doors, but the adhesive is rebelling. I'll figure something out. Did a bunch of small repairs (glue, drill, etc.) that I'd been meaning to do for several months now, the most notable being the kleenex frou-frou cover thing, and my desk. So that made me feel productive.

I also have rough drafts of all the "extra" info needed to apply to the Ontario medschools. Still need polish on most of them, but the backbone's there. I drafted, cut and stitched together my practice boxers last night. (They may seem easy, but you try inferring a pattern from a pair, then sizing it to fit you properly.) Things I learned while doing this? Dissection kits come in very handy for de-jamming sewing machines, I've forgotten how to do flat-felled seams, and how to think strategically so I can actually sew a corner, also that my cutting is much better. And that I love having so much clear space on my table.

Other miscellany includes finishing the Harry Potter book, hanging out tons with my parents, making chocolate and mango ice cream with my mom (!!! so yummy! albeit a little icey for the chocolate) and deciding that I'm going to rescue all the embroidered art (in those deep wood frames) and hang them all in my room. Also visiting family friends in Long Beach. Very cool.

Stuff I failed to do inludes anything related to my machine. I've postponed all design projects to Wednesday (that's tomorrow!), which I have off. Thusly, I'm sure it is now obvious that I have to get my boxers sewn tonight. Otherwise I'll spend all tomorrow doing it, and not get the web stuff done. See? Logical.

(Just spoke with my manager. I still break out in a cold sweat talking to my manager. After 16 months. And he likes me! What the hell is with that? And I need to ask him for a reference letter? ARGH.)

Okay, enough with the stuff no one cares about and on to... more stuff that no one cares about! Having mini-squabble with the Boy over sentence structure used in quaint late 1800s England. (He's been reading the Narnia series.) His current quibble is with the phrase "don't let's go there!" and its ilk. Honestly, I totally don't have a problem with it. One could say "let's not go there!" and while semantically the meaning is equivalent, there is a nuance. "Let's not go there!" is more urgent, more commanding, whinier than "don't let's go there!" which is more playful, more coy. It's just more fun. I'm all for playing with the language and swapping sentences around. (I got commented on when someone was group-feedback-ing my essay. I'd never realized how I tend to write sentences "backwards".) It's kind of the difference between the way Americans and English people speak. (And yes, I am a big snob. They declared themselves that they have a different language from England. In terms of the subtleties, I agree wholeheartedly.) Anyway, the point is that I'm right and the Boy's wrong. So there.

I could ramble on but there's a ziploc bag of cookie crumbs staring at me so I'm going to go. Yes, I really am that weak... oh, hush up.

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