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March 29th, 15:14 | Quick public-service announcements

(Update at 23h20. And again at 24:20.)

Couple quick public-service announcements before I run back to my cramming. (Hopefully back later to, you know, actually write. Need my daily dose of CTS-induction after all, right?)

First off: happy birthday Roo! You are now an old, old man. HA!

Secondly, I am newly-crowned Queen Of The Fucking World. No, it's not because Matt Damon proposed to me. The reason is because the election results are in, and I'm the anime club's new PR. This means, among other things, that I can finally rescue my beloved, tortured site from the utterly incompetant clutches of That Cosplaying Twat Who Couldn't Do My Job Properly If Her Life Depended On It. Sadly she's coming back as VP (aka the one who orders all the new stuff), but I've got NeighbourBoy on my side as Treasurer (aka he who weilds The One Power). So it's going to be an interesting power struggle; we'll see how that works out. I am currently smiling an extremely evil smile, and doubt that'll change before the first showing next year.

Next up, I've been listening to Esthero sporadically over the past couple days. It's... interesting. Not sure yet what my overall impression is.

Lastly, I'm actually on schedule. (!!! I know!) It seems my mad-kung-pao time-management skillz are manifesting themselves once more!

'sall for now, back later possibly.


I'm rather ashamed of myself. I mean, I haven't done anything really bad, per se, just... well... I mean, I may have been just a tad rash and spiteful in my judging That Cosplaying Twat Who Couldn't Do My Job Properly If Her Life Depended On It. See, not that she's done anything nice for me lately, or sent me a friendly email, oh no. She still ignores my existance as she always has. It's just that... well... a little random searching (God bless browsers that go Bork) turned up a whole pile of links. Her website. Her blog. Links to weblogs for the whole inner circle of the anime club's elite (most of whom are real sweethearts that I'm good friends with, and whose blogs I'm happy to have found -- I can keep tabs on them post-grad!). And there's the usual incestuous inter-linkage as in so many blogging communities. So I browsed through a couple (Sweet ass! Enough reading material to keep me busy at work for months!) and was reading them and they all sound so... normal.

Let me clarify that. I love the old exec (i.e. the folk who were there back when I was last time). The majority of them I knew from when I was a wee froshling, and we just had a blast. Their SewingGoddess lived in my residence in first year, has almost the same major as me, and was one of the more wholesome influences on me out there. While it's true that they could be blinded slightly by the VP Formerly Known As Twat's mad anime l33tness (of which she has lots; she's on the cresting edge of every anime trend-curve: it just happens that her taste sucks, and she is kind of a snob when it comes to the cosplay-glamour thing), I have trouble believing that she, along with a bunch of the others would have such happy stories, and do so many things (their records of con trips, and their cosplay journals are amazing) together if she was really as horrible a person as I seem to have pinned her as.

No, an apology is not in order. That would involve me having to admit that I was <whisper> wrong </whisper>. *shudder* (And after all, they are (blissfully) unaware of my rantage. For now.) But I mean, I haven't really been in contact with her for a year. And she didn't even start hitting the club while I was there until March or so. So my knowledge of her is somewhat limited anyway.

What all this does mean is that I'm going to have to take a deep breath, remove (or at least comment out) any sarky comments I was planning on putting on the site when I redesign it, and probably make everyone ginger cookies to celebrate the new exec. Because if she's that nice, she's worth the effort it will take for me to overcome myself and give her a chance. ...She'd better not fuck it up though.

Okay, I'm kidding, end of pettiness. No really, I'm done. Oh, shut up. Like you've never done it.

In other news, thoughts of the pending redesign are making me giddy with delight. It's a little sad, really. I've got to talk to the club Secretary, who I happen to know does amazing fanart. I want his stuff showcased. Also, Chan's somewhat sketchy former employer has a site to be designed. (No need for moving services, but dude, I need content to work with.) And reading through everyone's sites/blogs kinda makes me want to have my own again, even though all I can think of for content for it currently is linkage so I'd have all my regularly-visited sites in one place (no, don't tell me to bookmark them; it's not the same). (Also, seeing the exec's enthusiasm to embrace html mastery is heart-warming, but at the same time, it drives me that extra push to pull off a design that will... a)make them gasp and ooh and aah and b)be so complicated that the next person to take over will ask me to explain it if they can't handle it instead of garbling it all in FrontPage like VP Formerly Known As Twat did.)

Much like last time, I so want to do this in php. It would make a lot of things (record-keeping!) easier, but I know the U's server people won't allow it. Fuckers. Ah well. I'll settle for some overly elaborate css, and right now I'm thinking of playing with transparencies, AppleGeeks-nav-style. It's making me feel really... homesick? I guess is the best word for it. I miss having my own site. I miss having the time to play with random js experiments and posting them. I miss the days when fucking around with html to see what it could do actually was relaxing for me. These days I spend so much time in front of a machine it's the contact with others (via blogs, email, whatever) that I find soothing. The joy of playing with the machine itself is lost. And I miss that a lot. *sigh* Oh to be like Boy and have fun just tooling around with coded widgets.

Anyway, having satisfied my writing quota for the day (for once!) I think I shall hie me to bed. If I don't I'll be up till four coding my linkage site.

*sigh* I can't wait till May, when I'll be able to indulge in this madness. Amongst other things. I'd have time for Boy then, for stretching in the morning, and time to actually talk to people.

Right. Bed for me. G'night all.


Awwwwww fuck. Just got an email from the new VP giving me details for the site (password was changed after all) and such. She informed me that it was all mine anytime I wanted it, with a comment about my rumoured "utter disappointment" at the way she'd managed the whole thing. I feel really awful. I suppose it was inevitable (although there's a grand total of two people she could have heard that from, and I'm extremely curious; unless she found this site. Hmm.) but I wish she'd asked me for the whole story. I'm actually not disappointed at all. She has tons of energy, which is the biggest part of the job. And although she didn't embrace the whole club, she did a lot more for the cosplayers there than I ever did. I happen to not be as hard-core as her in that domain, so it does come off as snobbery (since my goal was always to aim for talking to everyone), but it's just a different tactic. Her html skills were awful at the beginning of the year, but not nearly as bad as I make out in my rants.

So... *fidget* It seems unlikely I'll be able to sleep for awhile yet... there's always the re-design to do? *sigh, sigh, sigh* I want to make ammends, but I want the whole story first, and I get the feeling asking her for it isn't a good idea.

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