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March 28th, 22:05 | Anyone else word-associate 'soporific' with 'lettuce'?

Today's word-of-the-day is soporific. Seriously. I spent most of the day almost falling asleep. Bizarre. On the other hand, my studying (shockingly) is going according to schedule. Not sure I'll be able to keep up on the long weeks (especially given that my focus, she's not so good) but we'll see.

Feeling infinitely better about everything, not the least of which is due to going to sleep. Amazing how I can be reborn overnight and wake up to a sunny, windy morning and feel all sparkly and made of light. Also, finally got a squeak out of RecentEx, whom I hadn't heard from in some time. I'm glad to know that his silence isn't because he's angry with me or anything like that, but is mostly just because he, too, is busy.

Just, you know, with less comma splice.

So, following today, I have one major thought: God damn my face. I'm all happy to have an expressive face and all -- after all, I'd be completely incomprehensible without it -- but it would be really nice if occasionally I could control my face through sheer effort of will and not blush. Seriously. CoolCoWorker was teasing us because NewCoWorker and I had gone for lunch and were back a little late (it was a 15 minute walk one way) and I totally blushed. And there wasn't even a reason to! Argh. It frustrates me that the team half-thinks that something's going on, and I'm quite certain NewCoWorker thinks I want him bad (which I do not, thank you very much, although I think we could make great friends) all because I have no snappy retort to such things and blush furiously. Ack!!!

That was Jack's frustration at lack of self-control. Got to take up that pseudo-Buddhist-monk thing, until I can control every muscle. See if the arteries in my face dare to vasodilate then!!

Urh... yeah. I'm trying to think of a way to start expressing my thoughts to minimize the resemblance between my ramblings and those of 14-year-old schoolgirls everywhere (no offence to 14-year-old schoolgirls or anything) but I'm beginning to think I can't, that it's just inherent in what I write about. Or me. But I think I'm going to kick on the denial for that last one.

I frightened the heck out of myself earlier in the mirror. I have these scary, goth-as-fuck dark circles under my eyes and I'm quite certain they weren't there this morning. I'm wondering how much of today I've spent wandering around looking half-dead. No wonder I've been so tired. Despite all that, though, I'm feeling pretty good. Brain's kinda toasted from the cramming (ugh, glycolytic catalysis go away) but other than that, my energy's pretty good. Which is a shame, since the Boy's watching a game tonight with his friends. Which is cool. These last two weeks have been crazy-busy for them all.

(As a semi-related sniffle-fest, I'm feeling totally neglected by all of them except Roo. Seriously. I realize that this is their last term for most of them, but wtf? Yuu can find time to read/rant about Bush-isms and ponder busking this summer (he wants to juggle -- and he's really good too!) but can't find time to write me a five minute email? I'm kinda hurt by that.)

The Boy and I haven't had much time to talk to each other these past couple days, but I'm sure that'll remedy itself reasonably soon. Despite my having to get up early tomorrow, I'll probably sleep pretty late anyway. Tonight's also election night for my U's anime club, and I'm antsy to know whether or not I'm going to return as PR.

No, wait. I'm not. Really. Pshht. Like anyone there could compete with my mad PR sk1llz. (No, seriously, I was good! Despite my using the word "seriously" 423 times in this entry!) *shifty eyes* I'm going to go fix up spelling mistakes in old entries or something now... yeah.

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