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March 26th, 12:05 | sponge cake in bra! argh!

Okay I just dropped a (pretty big) chunk of sponge cake down my freaking shirt. It's nestled in my bra (who thought room temperature would be so cold?) and I can't reach in and grab it, because my work area is really open and, well, I don't think my team members would react well to that. ARGH.

Okay. I just went to the bathroom all to fish out a piece of cake. No one comment that this is a hint from the gods that I should eat more nutritious foods in the morning. I think this is their way of balancing out that it's such a gorgeous day outside. After all, what makes up for beautiful weather more than having me (seemingly) randomly turn bright pink at my workstation, look around shiftily, then bolt for the washroom, all the while looking pretty culpable? Ridiculous, I say, ridiculous.

Okay, we're heading to the greasemonkey's (McDonald's) for lunch. Back later. Bye chickies!

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