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March 22nd, 22:48 | Monthly quota of girly topical chatter

So I'm sitting here, and my scalp is orange. On the plus side, though, my highlights are now the colour I'd originally intended them to be. Or, well, close. Using chan's idiot-easy, out-in-3-washes dye goo, I theoretically have dramatic red tints. In reality, my hair is still black, but the blond streaks are now kind of a cool coppery russet colour. :) It's pretty awesome considering it took under an hour.

As a side-note, I suppose it could be inferred that blondes do, in fact, have more fun, within the realm of hair-dye. Because they don't need to use the gak with bleach in to get any kind of colour to show up. But. It's a small price to pay, really. I love my hair colour.

Alright. Having fulfilled my monthly quota of girly topical chatter, I can move on to other aspects of my life.


Still working on my punk love songs mixed cd, and working on the design for the ultimate stationary envelope. I don't actually have any for letters. I just have the paper (in incredibly cutesy Engrish characters and stuff) and awhile ago, I figured I should make myself some envelopes to go with. So I found an old hallmark envelope, tore it up, and used it as a model. What I need now are stampies to decorate the envelopes with. But. That would just be verging on the dark art of Creating Nice Stationary which is just a touch too Martha Stewart for me.

On a Random Post-Exam Purchase note, I bought one of those mini-books about tarot for the sole reason that it comes with a mini-deck of cards. They're all strung together accordion-style with dotted tear lines and such. Each card is about the size of the top joint of my pinky (the part with the nail). Seriously. They're so cute!!!

...and now I go to bed. :)

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