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March 15th, 23:32 | lilephyte + brown cow --> passable singing voice!

Well, I may get gypped when I have a cold and become stricken with The Frog Voice Of Death, but at least knocking back the brown cows makes me sound good when I sing. (Small consolation, I know. Still, you go with what you've got, neh?)

Still drifting on the France D'Amour kick -- Je t'aime encore is scarily Tori Amos-like. In a good way. Just, kind of softer and stuff. But it's good. No really, it is. It is!!

Sat my first pseudo-MCAT today, and I'm tiiiiiired. Don't really want to think about it. I'm sure that if I calm down I'll realize it wasn't so bad. For now, I'm kinda worried about getting all the reading done. I'm so behind it's not even funny. You can measure my behind-ness in inches of unread material. *sigh* Really need to get this last psych essay out of the way. So thankful I don't need to worry about housing for the next year. One less thing. :)

Feeling happy, albeit somewhat unfocussed. I've found that a lot this week, that I can't concentrate. It's very strange. The whole point of the no-icq thing was to eliminate distractions so that I'd get all my work this month done. And I'm being good; I haven't touched icq (you'd be amazed at how that improved my productivity at work) and I don't even mess around on my machine that much either... but somehow the time still disappears. I've no idea where. I really must snap out of it. I'll have time to moon over Boy and fuss about with tiny details this summer. In fact, I'll be forced to (in the case of the details) since we're moving and I'll have to pack all this crap up. *shudder* That's an undertaking I don't even want to think about right now. Ugh.

Right. Psych for me. Really.

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