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March 13th, 09:22 | Nine days my ass!

Happy Birthday Chan! (HA!! Now you're 22 too!!! I get to be younger than you till I'm 24! W00t! ;p)

So, yesterday. Yesterday was an alright day. It had a crummy start, with me being late for work, then realizing I left my pass at home. I got in to my teamlead half-wondering if I was going to show up (I was only 10 minutes late!!) and also a cheesecake that Coworker made to celebrate my being accepted as don. (His cheesecake is a strange creature. I don't like cheesecake on general principle, and I really don't like blueberries. Mysteriously, however, I really like his blueberry cheesecake. Weird.)

Anyway, so yes. Blueberry cheesecake. It was pretty busy, but fairly good. At some point Coworker fed some of the graham crumbs (forming the crust of the cheesecake) to Bobo and mid-afternoon, he was lying on the bottom of the tank, immobile. *sigh* What is it with my team and fish? So that was that. 10 days, and my team was out two fish. Sad, eh?

I skipped out of there and headed to class, which was cool. Chan was pretty busy (And what was with that guy looking at me strangely?? Everyone needs napkins when they eat ice cream; it's just a fact! Men.) and I was pretty squished for time. I did, however, run into our old English teacher/guidance councillor at Bay. She was about to walk past when she recognized me. Heh. I was amazed she remembered what university I went to and everything, and I told her about the internship, and how it was helping me become more outgoing. She narrowed her eyes and looked at me suspiciously. It was just like being back in highschool! ^_^

Despite nearly falling asleep in the physics class, it was a good session. We had verbal afterwards, which I totally woke up for; I kick ass at verbal. Seriously. I don't know what it is. I mean, scorewise, everyone seems to be up there, but I do it faster. I don't know how much that'll help during the exam, but we'll see. So anyway, yeah. Good class.

Waiting on the subway platform, there was this guy (who had a laugh irritatingly like WorkBoy's) who made the saddest, most inelegant opener to two girls also waiting. It worked, since they talked all the way to the third-last stop where the girls got off, and he got their email addresses. He might be what Roo calls a Pick-Up Artist. I thought it was very clumsy though. On my way out I threw a comment at him that he should try NLP and he followed me trying to start a conversation. Happily I walk fast.

Anyway, what I was trying to say is that on the subway, mostly drowned out by LoudBoy and his TargetChicks (the louder among them being Victoria, who was kinda bitchy and obnoxious, and apparently wants to go to vet school... even though she has a major issue with university; how one can be a snob against university is a concept I'm not entirely familiar with) were two girls, probably a little younger than me (!!!) who were speaking in French. Like French-French, not Quebecois-French. And I realized that it's been so long since I've heard that that I'd almost forgotten what it sounded like. I was surprised to find myself understanding what they were saying unconsciously, with no effort whatsoever, and felt so good about it. At work, with Boy and his friends, wherever, I always speak to people who speak Canadian French. And it's fine, I understand, I answer. But it's never instinctive. Well, not as much as I'd like. It was starting to make me feel like a real idiot that after 12 years at Le College Francais I had to exert so much effort sometimes just to listen. Until yesterday. When I remembered the sounds I was taught with, the tones I was used to in my teachers, that I even used to use. I really must find some French-French folks and talk to them. I need to get back into it. Either that or rent me a pile of Gerard Depardieu movies. Heh.

Anyway, so I got home, my mom had made my favourite noodles, with this weird kind of hand-ripped chicken stuff (hard to explain) in sesame rub from the meat place. It was yummy.

That was yesterday. Today, although I remembered my pass, was kind of a different story. (I mean, apart from the episode when Coworker came by and randomly sprinkled my desk with Nibs. Then, life was good.) I can kinda sum it up with my adventure with dinner: I wasn't feeling very hungry, so I shuffled about, and read Anna Karenina for about half an hour. I decided I was hungry enough to finish one of those small frozen dinner things, and we were trying to get rid of this fettucine alfredo one. So I throw in the microwave, and start flipping through a magazine on the counter. It's finished, I carry it to the table. Or try. The box slides, and ~85% of the contents end up on the floor. My dinner consisted of approximately three forkfuls of alfredo, and me cleaning up a big mess. I'm not hungry, but just kinda vaguely put out by the whole episode, and vaguely glum. Kinda wish Boy would get home from class so I can wimper and whine at him on the phone.

It's been that kind of day. You know? :) Pretty good in all though. JoeCustomer informed me today that "[I am] the man, as they say". Heh.

Kinda tired, and icky-feeling, but also happy. Seeing Chan on Saturday (it might be earlier; my schedule says 4:30 -- can I call around noonish?) and Boy'll be home in about an hour. So, now if I could just get a little psych done before then...

p.s. Also, I am newly in love with Etta James. That is all.

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