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February 26th, 17:42 | Wish I had heels to kick off, then relax

Today's been crazy-hectic, but in that good way. Didn't quite finish all my work (tsk, tsk, I know), but still, got a reasonable chunk of it done, and I'm happy with myself.

I'm feeling good. I'm also currently experiencing a bizarre desire to eat a salad; not quite sure what's up with that. A little scared of the workload up ahead. I foresee a night of me putting off any actual work by creating A Schedule, but we'll see if I can put that off to tomorrow, which sees me at the Fish House for CoWorker's dinner party. I suppose when I get home there should be enough time for that at least.

Since my sense of resolve sucks, and my "once I start with this school stuff, I'll uninstall ICQ for sure!" thing didn't pan out, I'm giving up on IM-ing for Lent. (No, I'm not Christian; I just like Lent.) Still not sure how that'll work out, but we'll see. I've always liked email better anyway.

Had a whole bunch of other stuff to say, but have mysteriously forgotten it all. Damned business. :) It's good to feel productive. Still... kinda wish I had cuddling with The Boy to look forward too after hectic days like today. I suppose I do, in a way; they're just a bit further in the future.

(Okay, completely exceeded my sappiness quota, I know. But still!!! I miss him.)

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