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February 25th, 09:55 | But enough about my underwear

I am feeling good (cue James Brown here) for a number of reasons. Firstly, it's sunny as ass outside. It's cold, oh yes, very cold, and windy, but it's bright. I can handle anything really if it's sunny out. And to make things nicer all the sidewalks and walkways are actually ploughed today! Not like yesterday, which saw me hopping through snowbanks to get to work. (Although that was kinda cool because I got to leave a little pile of snow (which had accumulated in the folded-up hems of my pants) on the floor in the middle of my pod. Heh.)

Another reason would be that I'm snacking on a Miscellaneous Chinese Baked Bread Thing With Sugar Dusted On. And it's yummy! I also have cappucino yoghourt to look forward to. Also, today is Tuesday. That's always a good thing. I've always liked Tuesday. You know, god of war and all that.

I'm rather ashamed to admit that for the second day in a row, I couldn't haul my ass out of bed to do my yoga because it was too damned cold. I mean, I'm all for cold outside; I really love winter. But inside? Must be toasty. I can't get out of bed otherwise; that's just the way it is! (In other, somewhat unshiney news, my right wrist is feeling ouchy, and the scrolly drivers for my mouse have decided to strike against Phoenix. Fuckers.)

Anyway. Last night, I was struck by an epiphany of sorts. Although we may or may not remember my theory that Wearing Snazzy Bras Is Empowering, I decided that I would start logging my days, to see if there was any correlation between me wearing cool underwear (specifically bras, although I may expand this in future to include pants as well) and how well my day goes. To be objective, I'd have to remember to log how conscious of my snazzy underwear I was, but let's not get ahead of ourselves here. (As a note, I'd have to log this in the paper diary, as there is no way I'd ever keep it up were I to log electronically; I'd feel kinda silly updating for a two line thing that said bra: [type of bra]; day: [rating], neh?)

Yesterday saw me with my quite-possibly-favourite bra, and a day that rated ~8.2 (out of 9.8). Today, I'm wearing the Red Teddy Of Doom, because I have a phone interview with the residence folks later tonight. I was also feeling sassy this morning (I've had Good Charlotte's "Riot Girl" in my head for two days; sue me.) so, you know.

But enough about my underwear. The last reason, and it's taken me a few days to get used to this, is the hyperglare in my bathroom. As part of the "we need to sell the house" madness, my parents have been redoing a couple small things around the place.

This weekend they replaced the bank of lights in my bathroom. They used to be hazy, glowy, yellow-y orangey lights. Very sleepy looking. Now they remind me of those uber-white lights they use at sports stadiums to light up the games. Seriously.

But they're so cool! In the morning, it's now bright enough that I don't have to turn them on, I just go with the sunlight. At night, it's amazing to have so much light.

I . am . happy !

Update: I found a lucky penny, too! Also, I'm strutting like a Valentine Bitch. ^_^ I love lingerie. I have to go buy myself some more, come summer.

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