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February 24th, 12:12 | Bouncing about doing Amélie-like good deeds

Still feeling glowy-happy-sunshiney. Roo used to call me the Sunshine Fairy. Which, in a way is true. I feel all delighted and happy, and have this strong urge to bounce about doing Amélie-like good deeds and things. I try to do mini ones. No really, I do!

I'm kinda giddy and happy thinking about the Boy and the hoodie he left me. Despite us having Words about it, he decided that he would leave me "our" DieselBoy hoodie. (Trying to find a pic online, and I can't.) I didn't want to keep it because even though I love it and it's comfy and such, I know it's quite possibly his favourite shirt ever. Nonetheless, it's all folded up snug in my closet. And it makes me smile to think about it, even though it kinda smells like smoke (ewie), which I assume is due to him rooming with his best friend. (Who I'm tempted to name "Dog" -- get it?? Boy's best friend? -- but figure that's just dabbling in the dark art of pun-itude and I really couldn't forgive myself for that.)

On a somewhat-related note, I feel, for the sake of honesty, that I really have to admit that a possible part of why my dad likes Boy is because he laughs at his puns. My dad is used to stony silence and Glares Of Death from me and my mom in response to such humour, so having someone laugh and say "...that's punny" (*shudder*) last night (!! was it really just last night?) was probably a nice change. But we're going to try really, really hard to not think about that. Right.

Feeling that kind of "whooh!" stuffy-headedness that comes with insufficient sleep. I napped at lunch time and am kinda dreading tonight (which sees me finishing up my essays (finally!) with dashing panache, and hopefully re-doing the schedule so I can make up for lost time). I'd stack up more goals for myself, but hey, let's at least *try* for realism, right?

Speaking of panache (yes, and that segue just sings of panache, eh?), I'm happy to announce that there's now an actual book on my list of "Books I Conquered In 2003, Yar" list. W00t!

I'd write more, but I have to go. The team's arguing about Avril Lavigne, and my point that she always does her make-up to maximize her similarity to a deranged lemming needs making. Ciao.

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