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February 16th, 00:55 | Soooooooore

Soooooooore. Just got back from my mom's hospital's for-fun curling thing. And it was fun! We won, and I wasn't even lead!!! Sweet! True, it's a major step down from last year's position of skip, but at least our team didn't consist of twelve-year-olds this year. :) Still, sweeping is hard work. Owie.

Boy's in town and having coffee with his best friend. I'll see him tomorrow; we're postulating hitting the Science Centre. We'll probably end up just spending the afternoon in a coffee shop though and just sit there all day. I know; do I lead an exciting life or what? Dating me must be a wild ride ;)

All happy 'cause I realized I'm about a centimeter into Anna Karenina -- I thought I'd only read a couple pages! This book is so readable!! I've still got another three and a half or so still to go, but I'm looking forward to it a lot. This whole "Russian Literature" thing is growing on me. (Look! I can pretend to be cultured! Huzzah!) I'm also at one of the better scenes in LOTR III so my book-reading is at a happy juncture (yeah, just figures it'd be the week when I've got no time to read) and things. I'm a little worried for my psych, but I'm sure I'll manage it. I did my first practice test today and scored the multiple choice parts. I'm impressed, did better than I was expecting, especially on the verbal section. Kick ass. I just hope I improve now...

Was thinking a couple days ago about Stuff, when I was all mysteriously grr and whiny and womanish and things. There are a couple things I know about me, but that I never really bothered to put into words. I probably should though, because then I'd be able to (fairly) warn guys. Too tired to really do it right now, but most of them concern how to handle me when I'm angry, or when I'm In A Mood, and the fact that even though I *know* I have no reason to be, if I'm upset, the upset-ness will stay for a little while until the rationality kicks in and I'm all chipper again. With me, it's all about knowing how long to wait, really.

Anyway, tired and happy and thinking about tomorrow and Wednesday. Yo, is there a good time to hang out with you? Did you want to see him? Or no? Can we drop by the store? Are you working tomorrow (i.e. Sunday) or Wednesday? Wednesday's the downtown day. Let me know? It's a shame you weren't curling; there were some pretty hot guys there ;) *hug*

G'night moon.

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