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February 13th, 22:43 | Missing Boy

10:43 and I still haven't started working on my essay (which I was supposed to finish tonight). Something feels wrong; everything's off-balance. I miss Boy, and need to talk to him. I'm not even sure why. Nothing important's happened, per se, but I feel like there's something in the way.

In (perhaps not quite so) other news, I actually hung out with the new guy today. About a week ago, one of the girls left our team (which leaves a whopping two of us on a team of nine -- this upsets some echelons of management; I personally could care less) and her replacement was shadowing me today. He's 25, was a PolySci major, likes anime, knows how to pronounce "linux". Naturally, this being the first pseudo-geek I've come into contact with on my team since I got there, I was happy to chat with him. This hath prompted the guy who sits next to me (who's a very nice guy) to tease me mercilessly. He expects us to hook up anytime now.

Quick summary: Workboy has decided he's suffiently not-pissed-off at me to talk to me again (oh goody; how gracious of him). Smitten's depressed, and I feel bad about not giving him time. My neighbour at work is giving me flak about the new guy. My Boy is in town this weekend. I'm behind schedule on all my work.

Feeling tired, slightly overwhelmed, and just generally sick of fending people off. Ass-sarcastic co-worker was extra-vicious today, which is a good thing: it means he was in a good mood, and I'm happy about it, but it's just hitting me wrong. A little like with Matt, this summer. After awhile, it's just too much. Don't have the heart to find come-backs anymore, and I just sit there and get attacked.

So tired. I want a hug.

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