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February 4th, 15:59 | Fingers crossed for 'sparky'!

Although I don't remember ever being hung over, I'm quite sure it feels kinda like I do today. Thankfully, it hasn't been busy. Head hurts from insufficient sleep, and I've been wandering around through the cotton-wool haze that goes with strong desire to be unconscious and wrapped in flannel, with a mug of something warm and frothy at hand, in case I should wake up. Haven't really been hungry, but I've been thirsty all day. Blah.

On the bright side, my manager said we could have a team fish! Woohoo! (I'm currently trying to get everyone to go with the name "Sparky".) This all came about (because I know I can't possibly be the only one who cares) when one of our customers brought us a fishbowl full of hard candy, sometime late in December. Having finished off the candy sometime late in January, our team was staring at this empty bowl for about a week. Today, we cracked, and are Seriously Discussing whether or not we, as a team, have enough spirit and responsibility to Take On A Fish. Together. We're now fighting over a pair of goldfish vs. Siamese fighting fish (with cool colour-changing if you hold up a mirror!!!). You can guess which one I want. ;)

I'm kinda impressed with myself. I put together the dinner for the coworker who left us last week (who used to be an intern here), which is impressive considering what a dismal failure I was at every other group activity that I was in charge of since I got here. I'm hoping this new-found organizational superpower is going to carry over into the scholastic domain of my life and help me (because the Lord knows nothing else will) pull off the next three months.

And to think I used to be one of those kids whose binders were colour-coordinated with her schedule. *sigh* What the hell happened?

On an unrelated note, I am once again itching for redesign. Nothing drastic, just some colour-tweaking. Hmm.

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