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January 30th, 16:01 | Back in school... almost!

So last night was my first class in the prep course. Not bad, quite fun, really. It's not that the material is interesting (although I'm horrified to admit that I really, really needed the refresher in basic quantum chem) but that the practice bits (the exam consists of "passages" followed by 8-9 questions; we practice by doing these passages, timed of course) really is a challenge, both in timing and to get the answer right.

A big part of it is probably just that I miss school; it was good to be back in a classroom environment again. A little scary, with the people though. The vast majority of them are grad students, usually by two or three years. A couple of them muttered about hating the "class" feeling. I wonder at these people preparing for another seven years of "school" if they can't take it anymore, but whatever. There's also more guys in there than girls, which surprises me. Prep courses seem like such the paranoid girl thing, you know? Mehn.

All shy, eye-contact-avoiding, very quiet people. I'm working on getting people a little more chatty but suspect that I come across as the Loud-Mouthed SmartAss Undergrad Girl. But. Hopefully I'll manage to change that. And if not, I don't really care. I'll never see them after May anyway.

(Hmm. Another example of "disposable people" mentality. A sad, but true, facet of my "sassiness" is probably that a lot of the time, I figure I'll never have to deal with people again, so if they get on my case, why feel bad about dishing it out? To explain the "sassiness", a phone conversation with RecentEx (he lives!) revealed that I am, apparently, The Sass Fairy. I dish out 'tude at the rate most people breathe, according to the young man, which is fine, because it makes me "interesting". I am wary of such a title, until I realize it's probably true. I'd never have been able to fit in with my team so well if it weren't for my sarcasm. I was saying today that if for some reason, sarcasm magically no longer existed in the world, our team would have nothing to say to each other. And it's so true. But anyway, yeah. Sass fairy, baby.)

At this point I'm going to go home, break out the markers and start scheduling old-school-style all the work I have up ahead. Hmm. I should have a calendar just for me to colour-code days on. Jebus

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