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January 14th, 20:42 | Next she shall learn to juggle plates on sticks.

He called. *sigh* Just as my life couldn't get more complicated (dodging rides home from WorkBoy, trying to work out how I'm going to navigate PBro, Neighbour and Roo's advances this weekend, still haven't seen Smitten in awhile, and yes, through it all, I wish I had a bf; go logic) the jailbait who hit on me during LOTR:TTT calls me. He's back from Whistler, it appears.

At some point, my second resolution is going to kick in and I'm just going to crack and yell "No!!! No, no, no, goddamnit, no!!! You're not [interesting/hot/fun/old/smart/quirky/whatever] enough for me!! Leave me alone!" or something.

Yeah, right.

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