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January 13th, 21:30 | Pining for love yet pissed off at guy friends wanting me. Yeah.

Feeling bizarrely semi-nostalgic, and melancholy and stuff. I think I'm in one of those moods where I just miss having someone to belong to-kindofthing. You know? It's a little pathetic, really. (And of course, I'm listening to sappy, whimsical music. Go me.)

Kinda achey-sore all over from volleyball last night. The parents made me drive, even though I didn't want to. Still feeling stupid from last Tuesday. Incredibly so. It's the weirdest feeling; I still miss driving, I crave driving... but I don't want to. Is that even possible? Well, embodying a logical inconsistency is nothing new for me so it's of no matter. Yes, volleyball. It was good. A little rough for some reason, even though it was the second game back, but we played well. I don't know what it was but our team had Energy. It was cool.

Next weekend sees me headed up to Ottawa, where I'm going to resolve this mess with Roo (the answer is no; bad timing, bad feelings about it; bad judgement; I don't even know where he stands, etc.) and hang out with PBro. Starting to get confused about him too. Goddamnit, I want platonic guy friends. At last count, I had two: Kitty, who's known me from highschool, and seen me through a messy relationship with his then-best friend (and possibly still, not sure), and one of my friends since first year at Queen's. I'm going to be miffed if "When Harry Met Sally" was right.

Anyway, have to start on chapter 12. Still riding on the "I kick psych 100 exam ass!" high. Still, got to get the studying in. Kinda miss RecentEx's and my library dates. *sigh* I am such a suck.

"Tell me I'm what your hands were made for
Tell me I'm who your mouth was made for"

"Come On", Tegan and Sara

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