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January 6th, 22:05 | Twelfth night... and our tree's still up

So, apart from the falling asleep faster than I breathe thing, I still haven't figured out what my superpower is. My mom, however, appears to have the ability to knit magical scarves. No, I'm not joking. Way back when I was dating StalkerEx my mom thought she'd knit him a sweater one Christmas (this was one of the years when I was learning (...again) to knit) as a gift for him. I flat out refused to let her. So she knit a nicer one for my dad instead. However, the wool she bought wasn't really wool. It was this amazing, slightly glommy-feeling cotton-wool blend. It's fabulous and warm, and less scratchy than wool, and I love it.

As a result, my mom had some of this amazing fuzzy woolly goodness left; not enough for another sweater, but too much for just a scarf or hat or whatever. So, she decided to make my sister one for Christmas. The day after, when she wore it, it snowed. After this, she thought it'd be cute to make me one too (what is it with mothers and dressing people ("kids") alike??) and today I wore it, and it snowed. I'm convinced that if she made my cousin one, the day she wore hers it would snow also. However, my mom has run out of the magical wool. So I guess now we'll never know. Still... whacky.

In other news, today is the day that, among other things, the (in?)famous Doug returns from his journeys. I'm happy to report that he hasn't called. Which makes me happy. I mean the poor lad is barely legal (holy being-hit-on-by-male-jailbait Batman) and things. He sounded so confused, and torn when he figured out how old I was (that's allowed to legally 1)smoke; 2)drink; 3)gamble; 4)vote, to you, zygote) and so I hope he doesn't call. It would just make everything easier and tidy if he totally forgot about me. We'll see.

On the other hand, WorkBoy is, as predicted (thank you chan), more persistant than any Cancer/Gemini cusp ought to be. Damnit, he's talked to me twice: no one can be that enthralled. But it's alright. He'll be in at work on Thursday, so I'll crush him then. No really, I will this time. What?? I will!

(Alright, I probably won't, even though I will try and get my point across. Shut up and let me enjoy my newly-bought, totally not necessary, uber-girly Kogepan diary, alright??)

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