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January 5th, 12:16 | Tiny but tough!

I dreamt about RecentEx last night. A strange dream involving my parents' room, and a whole mess of people, mostly from my highschool. The strangest of that lot would be the latin teacher (especially odd since I never took latin) but he was no longer with his legendary evil wife. Instead he came in with some woman who liked like one of those slightly nasal women who have irritatingly picky tastes. Don't remember her name. Anyway, yeah, so they were there, along with a couple students I remember. After some vague interaction involving bits of foil and sparkly stuff, they left, leaving me and RecentEx in the room where there was less furniture (although still the bed) and a mattress on the floor. Very bizarre.

I'm sitting here (cold, incidentally) in my yellow, sparkly "Tiny but tough!" t-shirt. It was given to me by one of my fake-aunts who is now dead. It always makes me think of her because she embodied the shirt. So much enthusiasm (more than me!) and so much energy. She made me look lethargic. I was thinking how RecentEx loved this shirt because it's so cute, and he used to call me his TinyButTough. Weird feeling to be all pining over Roo, and still thinking about small things like that. Even stranger since I'm going to eat with WorkBoy. Note to self: I will let him know and end this madness. No really. I will.

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