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November 3rd, 23:50 | I have an incurable fascination with crappy tv; help

1. I am an idiot.
2. Nonetheless, I am still a sewing goddess.
3. When I watch tv (which is rare) I have the world's lowest standards.
4. Ikea's lamp ad really is good.
5. I love ikea ads.

And now to clarify. First off, I've loved Ikea ads since they had a bunch of bus ads. It's not that they're amazing or anything, but that they're so European. Unafraid that they'll offend people. And that auro just comes across even though there's no sex or anything in them anyway. European ads rock. We need to be a little less tight-assed over here in NA. (Although, as my dad pointed out, since it was the puritans who left Europe and came out to settle here in the first place, I suppose I shouldn't really be all that surprised...)

Next, the sewing. I have basic sewing skills. I also have basic pattern-drafting skills. I have remarkably little practical experience though. To date I've created two (2) articles of clothing. I find this somewhat pathetic, considering my deep love of sewing, and mad rush I get from wearing clothes I've made. There really is nothing like [wearing clothes you've made yourself]... it's breathtaking -- I highly suggest you try it. </dr_evil>

Right, so anyway. I figured that a slightly more complex, but still easy thing to sew would be a skirt with a lining. I own a bazillion skirts, but am always happy for another one, and I had the cloth lying around anyway. So. I draft it. My aunt (she's the Storm of the sewing world, yo; she could have done my skirt in her sleep) suggested I do a pattern I'd never seen before, but which looked snazzy, so I did. But. Maybe 'cause I'm tired, maybe 'cause I put Maverick in for noise while I was cutting, but (*sob*) I started cutting without leaving hem allowance. Right in the middle of the front of the top layer. But it's okay. I can fix that. It'll just be a little shorter (yuck). Next, I start cutting the sides... I realize six inches in that I've forgotten to leave myself seam allowance. I just made the same mistaked twice in a fucking row. You can imagine how great I felt at this point. Yar.

I chill out and watch the ending (that movie is the only one I like Jodie Foster in), flip the tv onto whatever's playing (Everyone Loves Raymond and Seinfeld??? ugh!!), and face the skirt. Twenty minutes of pinning later, I've got a semi-plausible work-around.

Waist, zipper and a hem (probably Tuesday night) and I'll have a skirt. Whose house, runs house?? I'd do a victory dance but I'm exhausted. Still...w00t!

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